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A Novel by S. A. Tawks

Misadventure awaits the daring and the uncaring. 

A misadventure has no apparent purpose. Only a misadventurer can understand why they choose a certain misadventure. To be misadventurous is to be selfish. Being misadventurous requires a sacrifice of reputation. The size of the sacrifice depends on the extent of the misadventure. For a misadventurer, reputation is of no concern. A misadventurer's only concern is doing something memorable. Something worth talking about. 

Percy has been mistreated and misinformed for most of his childhood. His mother has moulded him into someone she wants him to be. Only through experiences out of the sight of his mother's eye does he discover there's more to life than what he's been taught. He discovers that the future his mother has been building is not for him. By being misadventurous, Percy sets out to create his own future. 

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S. A. Tawks talks 'Misadventurous' 

Misadventurous is told from the perspective of teenager Percy Samuels. The crime/adventure novel is set in Queensland, Australia. It is the story of how Percy transforms from an obedient, studious son into a boy more interested in being disobedient and partaking in delinquency. This is not your ordinary tale of adolescent blues. The novel covers some very serious and hard topics and also some taboo topics.

I like to think of my previous crime novel, Mule, and Misadventurous as a pair of contrasting novels. Mule focuses on a not-so-smart guy trying to better his life by attempting to do the ‘right’ and smart thing. Misadventurous, however, focuses on a smart guy trying to change his life by doing the unconventional and not-so-smart thing. 

This is a novel for mature readers but that does not mean it is solely for adults. I hope that readers can experience Misadventurous with an open mind and feel enlightened in some way and motivated to have conversations about hard topics rather than offended by some of the themes and how they’re discussed within the story. Though, I do realise this is an ideal. 

Some of the themes discussed in Misadventurous are desire, education, rebellion, delinquency, tolerance, intolerance, and, of course, adventure. 

I don’t want to say too much more so I’ll just say that I hope you enjoy the story and, most of all, I hope you derive enjoyment, small or large, from the words I’ve written. 

The Spirit of Pessimism

 A Novel by S. A. Tawks

Negative Drinking. Negative Thinking. 

The Spirit Series continues with its second installment: The Spirit of Pessimism. 

Within less than a year Emily Rainn has transformed from a shy, unknown teenager into a confident, successful author. Introduced to the public as bestselling author John Crawford’s prodigy, her debut novel sells millions of copies worldwide. Though, the world doesn’t know the secret behind Emily’s transformation. 

That secret is The Spirit of Imagination. Spirit, also referred to as creative juice by the Sisterhood of Librarians, is the substance extracted from the pages of well-read books. It’s what makes the pages of books turn a funny yellow colour after time. Once extracted, The Spirit of Imagination can be used to stimulate a drinker’s own imagination. With great imagination comes great possibility, but also great danger. 

For there are others wishing to use spirit in sinister ways. The Spirit of Pessimism, a by-product of The Spirit of Imagination, when ingested gives power to the darker side of a drinker’s imagination, giving rise to negative thoughts.

Emily, John, Walter and Edmund return in the sequel to S. A. Tawks’s The  Spirit of Imagination and discover more than they could ever imagine. With the threat of the Spirit-crushers‘ return plaguing their thoughts and the introduction of a revolutionary Ereader device, imagination and books may never be the same again.

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S. A. Tawks talks 'The Spirit of Pessimism' 

The Spirit of Pessimism is my third published work and my second novel. The story is the sequel to my novella The Spirit of Imagination.

Whereas I recommend The Spirit of Imagination to all readers, young and old, I must caution that I do not recommend The Spirit of Pessimism to very young readers. I believe twelve years and up is a decent restriction. However, this restriction may be a little lenient taking into consideration some of the mature themes explored in the story. That said, I recommend parental guidance for the young and young at heart. 

The Spirit of Imagination is suitable for all ages because the story celebrates imagination. I constructed the novella in such a way that encourages the reader to fully use their imagination. The novella is a story that leaves some rocks unturned on its journey, encouraging the reader to wonder what may be under these rocks. By the end of the short book, the reader is presented with an ambiguous ending, which again encourages the reader to imagine what happens next. 

I did answer most of the questions that I presented the reader in The Spirit of Imagination, however, I do admit that I left a few unanswered. If The Spirit of Imagination were a stand alone story, readers would have to think of their own answers. Some might like the sound of this and some might not. Luckily, The Spirit of Pessimism is here to continue Emily’s story.

The celebration of the power of imagination, reading and writing is further explored in the sequel. Some of the rocks unturned in The Spirit of Imagination are looked under and more is discovered about the liquid that can be extracted from well-read books. The pros and cons of pessimistic thinking are discussed with focus placed on self-doubt amongst other issues. 

As for the story, we find out whether Emily succeeded as John Crawford’s prodigy and what came about from her giving Edmund aged spirit. The impending return of the spirit-crushers plagues our heroes thoughts and the introduction of a revolutionary Ereader device threatens imagination and books. 

I hope the sequel keeps you enthralled and surpasses your expectations and imaginings. But, most of all, I hope you derive enjoyment, small or large, from the words I’ve written. 


A Novel by S. A. Tawks 

Bali. The Indonesian island for bargain bartering, friendly locals and good times. A holiday hotspot for tourists wanting to let go and indulge in the pleasures on offer. But when there are hundreds of thousands of tourists, there's money to be made. And when there's money to be made, there's the potential to make a fortune. Even if that fortune is built on crime. 

For one Australian traveller, becoming a mule while staying in Bali is worth the cash on offer. A few jobs transporting packages is easy enough. But when the packages and pay become increasingly larger, so do the risks. 

It's already too late for the mule. He decided his future when he agreed to the job. Now the only decision he has left to make is how bad his future will be.

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S. A. Tawks talks 'Mule'

Mule is my second published work and my first novel (my first published work being classified as a novella). The novel is a stand alone story and tells the tale of a young man from Perth, Australia on holiday in Bali, Indonesia. It is told from the main character's perspective as he tries to get out of Indonesia with a stomach full of condoms loaded with heroin and hopefully get back into Australia without being caught by border officials. As drug trafficking is an offence punishable by death in Indonesia, it is not an ideal situation for the mule. 

The story jumps between past and present tense as the young Australian recounts how he ended up with a stomach full of heroin and reflects on his poor choices. It deals with his internal struggle to do what is 'right' and what is 'right' for his own good. 'Mule' also deals with the themes of relapse, the concept that every choice has a consequence and the struggle of what and what not to do. 

I was inspired to write this story after having travelled to Bali a handful of times and also by the Australians that gave their lives to be mules on the island that's a tourist hotspot. For that reason, I dedicated this story to those infamous Australians harshly punished by having been sent/having served time in the island's Kerobokan prison.


The Spirit of Imagination 

A Novella by S. A. Tawks 

What if you could bottle creative juices?

Though, where would you extract these juices from? Books, of course! That is the reason why the pages of books turn a funny yellow colour after time. A reader's imagination gets instilled within the pages. Not many people know of the secret surrounding imagination, and only a handful know exactly how to extract the liquid. 

Join Emily as she is introduced to the secret world of imagination. Meet with her the men and women that each have different ideas regarding the Spirit of Imagination and how it should be properly used. 

Has Emily been introduced to a marvellous, magical world or has she entered into something that is beyond her wildest imaginings? 

Suspend reality and indulge yourself with a taste of The Spirit of Imagination.

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S. A. Tawks talks 'The Spirit of Imagination'. 

The Spirit of Imagination is my first published work and is a fantasy/adventure novella. It is the first book in the Spirit Series and is followed by The Spirit of Pessimism. It sets the stage for the rest of the series and serves as an introduction to main characters and the concept of juicing imagination from the pages of books. 

Apart from setting the stage for the rest of the series, The Spirit of Imagination has its own adventure to be told, too. With imagination disappearing from libraries across the country, best selling author John Crawford takes it upon himself to hunt down the missing imagination. With help from his prodigy, Emily Rainn, his loyal and highly capable butler, Walter, and the head Librarian of the local library, John sets out to find the missing imagination. His mission sees him encounter The Spirit-crushers and The Sisterhood of Librarians, learning more about The Spirit of Imagination than he could have ever imagined. 

The Spirit of Imagination is a story about the power of imagination and the magic of telling, hearing and reading a story. If you've ever dared to imagine, I think you will enjoy The Spirit of Imagination. 

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